Label M

label.m – the official haircare product of the London Fashion Week – is an award-winning fashion-inspired range developed by professional stylists under the creative eye of a dynamic International Artistic Team led by Toni Mascolo & Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck.

Here in MaxOliver all our stylists hold a great understanding in label M. After years of working with the entire range we classify ourselves as “experts”. Out of the entire 81 products in The range, We’ve been very fortunate to be allowed to hand pick our favourites of which we think would suit our clients here in MaxOliver the best.

label.m formulations are where art collides with science. Created by hairdressers for hairdressers , the dynamic, award-winning collection combines naturally sourced ingredients, essential oils with exclusive label.m technologies.


Originally developed For Barbers By Barbers, Layrite delivers versatile, high performance men’s grooming products that consistently exceed expectations, so that you can go off and exceed your own.

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